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Friday 19th June

Agenda is in Central European Time (CET).

11:30-12:30 Event Check-in
12:30-12:31 Opening VT
12:31-12:35 Event Introduction
12:35-12:45 Welcome & Align Technology Update Markus Sebastian
12:45-12:47 Host in studio
12:45-13:02 Future world of Align Zelko Relic
13:02-13:03 Host in studio
13:03-13:23 What does the next chapter of Dentistry look like? Fireside chat with Dr Christian Coachman
13:23-13:25 Host in studio
13:25-13:45 Break & Zoom Q&A
13:45-13:46 Host in studio
13:46-14:06 Engage, Enable & Energize your Business Especially in a Crisis Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton
New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors

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14:06-14:08 Host in studio
14:08-14:28 5 ways to bring patients back Ken Hughes
14:28-14:29 Host in studio
14:29-14:59 Connect-Convey-Convince your Leadership Influence, Interrupted
Embrace this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to emerge even more influential
Connie Dieken
5x Emmy Award Winner, Speaker and broadcast hall of fame inductee, Global Guru Top 10 in Executive Coaching

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14:59-15:01 Host in studio
15:01-15:21 Break & Zoom Q&A
15:21-15:22 Host in studio
15:22-15:52 5D - the missing link for the breakthrough in digital dentistry Dr Ingo Baresel
15:52-15:54 Host in studio
15:54-16:34 A Breakthrough in Interdisciplinary Conservative Dentistry with the DSD & Invisalign Collaboration Dr Karla Soto
16:34-16:35 Host in studio
16:35-16:45 Closing
16:45-16:47 Host in studio
16:47-17:47 Social Drinks & Zoom Q&A

Saturday 20th June

Agenda is in Central European Time (CET).

12:00-12:30 Event Check-in
12:30-12:31 Opening VT Replay
12:31-12:35 Welcome back to day 2
12:35-12:55 The Detailed Invisalign Plan Dr. Raman Aulakh & Dr. Martina Hodgson
12:55-12:57 Host in studio
12:57-13:27 Utilising Invisalign to enhance your restorative outcomes Dr Nancy Ward
13:27-13:28 Host in studio
13:28-13:48 Break & Zoom Q&A
13:48-13:50 Host in studio
13:50-14:20 Utilising Invisalign to enhance your restorative outcomes Dr Nancy Ward
14:20-14:21 Host in studio
14:21-14:51 5 Tips and Tricks for Invisalign Dr David Galler
14:51-14:53 Host in studio
14:53-15:13 Break & Zoom Q&A
15:13-15:14 Host in studio
15:14-15:34 Biology of tooth movement and the importance of periodontal health Dr Mariano Sanz
15:34-15:36 Host in studio
15:36-15:51 TBC
15:51-15:52 Host in studio
15:52-16:12 Why Dentistry will rise again - The future will be better than the past Kirk Behrendt
16:12-16:14 Host in studio
16:14-16:34 Break & Q&A
16:34-16:35 Host in studio
16:35-16:50 Invisalign and iTero Case Awards Markus Sebastian
16:50-16:52 Host in studio
16:52-16:57 Growth Summit 2020 Wrap up Abhishek Ganguly
16:57-16:58 Host in studio
16:58-17:58 Social drinks

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