Dr. Christian Coachman
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Christian Coachman, a Brazilian sixth generation dentist; in 2019 his family has been working in dentistry for 170 years, as verified by the Guinness World Records. Not only is he qualified as a dentist from the most prestigious dental school in Brazil, he is also a certified dental laboratory technician (an uncommon career combination). Not only did cosmetic dentistry give people fake-looking and uniform smiles, he noticed gaping holes in how patients, dentists and dental laboratories communicate with each other. So in 2010, he founded a company, Digital Smile Design, to introduce a game-changing methodology.

Fast forward to 2019, having trained thousands of dentists worldwide, Digital Smile Design announced a strategic alliance with one of the biggest dental companies in the world, Align Technology Inc (NASDAQ: ALGN) and owner of Invisalign, the popular clear tooth aligner system.

"Digital Smile Design (DSD) seeks to present to the public a new face of dentistry; more human, emotional and artistic, further enhancing our noble profession in society. After all, there are not many things in this life more important than a healthy, natural, confident and beautiful smile!" Christian Coachman

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